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LOGOTYPES  Selection of Logos

CYENS DICTION  Showcase of Indigenous Publishing

LNC  Experiencial language learning

THE SOUL-DIER  Struggle to save our souls

AVANT GARDE  Printed Matter

THINK TANK  Typographic treatments

THE FACES OF POLITICS  Illustration portraits

DTTY  Annual Program

EROFILI  Oinos red

THE BIG PICTURE  Editorial illustration

SUMMER DANCE FESTIVAL ~ 10  Site specific performannces

THE FEAST  Site specific dance performance


NWS  Wakeboarding

SUMMER MOVIE MARATHON  Open air screenings

Entry for exhibition ‘Designing for Peace’ organised and curated by the Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab..
THE SOUL-DIER  ~  A pun between the words/concepts “soul” and “soldier”.

“You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” C.S. Lewis

The struggle is to save our souls. Inspired by the images of soldiers that collapse mentally and tear while standing at attention. Peace comes from within and in a society that loves to suffocate innocence into cynicism, what good will there be for humanity if we conquer the “world” and lose our souls.

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