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Entry for exhibition “explosion[s]: the global logo“.

As we redefine normality in the present time, every heartbeat can be concurrent with the one and only beat of a literal explosion. A suicide attack. A suicide bomb. In times where the selfie dominates visual culture, the self is also exploited in an attempt for inexpensive and effective ways and strategies of spreading terrorism. Self exploding mechanisms and brainwashed individuals, thrush public trust that holds societies together. We are now faced with the unprecedented “human weapon”.

On this attempt, a human heart is simulated in a grenade, symbolising the emotionally charged human nature, as well as the impulsiveness of life and death. As some look forward to living others see death as the only way of living. In this case death is both grieved and also praised. A juxtaposition of sense and innocence, vital and violence, stance and dominance.

The poster exhibition with the theme “explosion[s]: the global logo” was organised and curated by the Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab for the 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication under the title “Branded. The semiotics of branding – Culture & Context”.

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